Some of my Favourite QI Bits (A-J)

QI, which stands for Quite Interesting, is a BBC panel show where you get points for being right or interesting, and massive penalties for being obvious and wrong. There are 4 participants, 3 of which change every episode, and the quiz master. Not being British, I did not know any of the panelists except Jeremy Clarkson, but I have grown fond of many of them now. Often, great exchanges will be set off by an innocent question. Below I have listed some of my favourite moments. The shows are given by the series letter and the episode number and only series A-J are considered here.

  • The team is laughing at a meltdown of a radio presenter. This is so terribl…y funny. QI XL J16 - Just the Job @37m39s

  • i before e, except after, but not when it isn’t. This is what first got me to QI. QI XL H14 - Hocus Pocus @12m20s

  • Are children even better when they are shiny? QI XL J14 - Jingle Bells @23m1s

  • Stephen, what’s the latin name for beer goggles? QI D06 - Drinks @26m28s

  • The secret source of the Osmonds’ songs. QI XL Series G Episode 5 Groovy @32m45s

  • BUT THE SUN. IS. THERE! - Not there. Mirage… QI XL H15 - Hypnosis, Hallucinations & Hysteria @30m10s

  • Much ejaculation happening in the Sherlock Holmes stories. QI XL J01 - Jargon @23m47s

  • Roleplaying a lobster. QI XL J05 - J-Places @25m00s

  • Giant tortoises that were just too edible. QI XL G10 - Greats @25m24s

  • Rasputin was a terminator. QI E12 - Empire @7m30s

  • They say about the Akropolis where the Parthenon is… QI E13 - Elephants @24m19s

  • Turning the tables on Stephen. QI B12 - Birth @23m48s

  • Ronny Ancona tells the story of “obscurity”. QI D04 - Dictionaries @3m03s

  • Rob Brydon favours the longer sock. QI XL G08 - Germany

  • David Mitchell on sign writers (angry, as usual) QI XL G01 - Gardens @32m22s

  • Bonus: David Mitchell’s Soapbox